3 years of preparations for…

August 2, 2007

3 years of preuniversity studies went by very quickly. Surprisingly, one of his best subjects was General Paper… never could he imagine it possible with such weak foundation in English. But he was beginning to like it more and more.

For years he could not understand why he went through 3 years of pre-university. He had opted for two vocational institutes hoping to study either arts or hotel service. Both applications were turned down which left him no choice but to enroll in a pre-university.

Why study preuniversity when there was no hope for university?

Seemingly, nothing significant happened during those three years. Yet he was to find out that those were actually years of preparation. He was going through a season. For what? He would only find out many years later.

It was time finally time for army… another season of preparation was about to begin.

The Spanish word for Seasons is “estaciones”. There’s Primavera (Spring), Verano (Summer), Otoño (Autumn) and finally Invierno (Winter). Hay cuatro estaciones (There are 4 seasons). We all go through seasons.

I remember when I was in Olmue (Chile), we used to have a grape vine right in the middle of the garden. In Spring, it budded and little green leaves started to fill the otherwise lifeless vine, in summer, the leaves were mature and began to show signs of fruit. By autumn, fully grown grapes were already hanging from the vine, inviting passers-by to pluck and enjoy. In fact, that year there were so much grapes that we had grapes practically every day. We had to give them away. The fruit were there for a season and then suddenly started to drop and wither. When winter arrived, it was as if life has been stripped from that vine. It was no longer vibrant but looked dry and lifeless.

I remember there was once I detached a “dry” twig off the leafless brown, dry-looking grape vine. To my surprise, transparent water began dripping steadily off that detachment. It did not stop untill a long while later. I wondered where that water came from and felt sorry for having broken the vine. In fact I got worried thinking that I had harmed the poor vine. Relief came only when I saw it sprouting in the Spring season that followed. I learned a precious lesson from there.

The vine was not dead. It was just recuperating from the bloom and preparing itself for the next season. It was hibernating, conserving all her energy, storing water and minerals so that when Spring arrived, it could sprout and bear fruit again.

Which season are you going through in life now? Is it Primavera? Or Verano? Or Otoño? Or Invierno? Whichever season you are in, lets be like the vine. It despair not. It makes good use of the season (the climate), doing the necessary and in good faith look forward to the next. The Autumn that just passed is not a reason for remorse but a sure sign that there will be another Autumn to come. We can surely learn from the grape vine, even though we may be in winter.


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