A new beginning

June 12, 2007

The 16 year old woke up in the morning just like any other day, except that there was some kind of a fresh feeling he never felt before – a feeling he could he not put in words. He seemed to be feeling “lighter” than before. The day was to unfold just like any other days, so it seemed.

He was not aware that he had just stepped into a new beginning. Never could he imagine that the new friendship he found the night before was the beginning of something beyond his imagination 🙂

He was an average boy raised up in an average family. Though he often felt below-average in everything – achievements, looks, height, studies, marks, family background. What else could he do but to walk along a path of a less than average man. But no, everything was just about to change…


As we crossed our paths, the old man looked up couteously. I was expecting to find a dull face full of sorrows and sadness. I was to be surprised.

I saw a smile on his face. It was the most genuine, happy smile I could ever remember. It was a smile of contentment – but with what? Judging from his situation then, he should have many a reason to frown instead.

I learned something from the old-timer. We have the right to smile at whatever our situation iwe are in – it is a choice we have to make. We can choose to frown at our troubles or at whatever good we do not yet possess, however, we cannot choose the consequence of that simple choice.

We can choose to smile at whatever situation we find ourselves in. That short encounter kept me pondering. Where did he get his smile from?


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